Character Creation


Relax, you've got this! Just take things one step at a time, start from the very beginning with Runic Elements and end with Currency. Before you know it, your first character will be done!"

Legends of Nor'Ova is not like many games out there. Many games out there follow a very simple process but have choices scattered over a huge collection of books. Legends of Nor'Ova though has everything in one nice wiki, but the process is more detailed and there are a lot more choices. For many new to Legends of Nor'Ova, character creation can seem like a daunting and overwhelming process. But if you take it just one step at a time, it isn't so bad. Really, the hardest part about making a character is the choices.

Legends of Nor'Ova is designed with the player in mind. The game system was created by players who enjoy having extremely flexible and customisable characters. We do not like being stuck with having to play an elven ranger, human mage, or orc warrior. We want to be able to make orc wizards and elven barbarians!

With Legends of Nor'Ova, you can really make any type of character you want to play! Sure, some races are better at certain things than others, but still, there is nothing saying that you can't build a troll thief, it just might be hard to do so! Legends of Nor'Ova accomplishes all of this by doing away with the tried and true class systems. Instead, you pick the race you want and the skills you want, and your character will develop based on how you play and build your character over time. This, however, presents the players with a complex character creation process riddled with tons of options. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough not to skip around until you are very familiar with the process. Just start with Runic Elements and go down the list until the front of your character sheet is complete. If you follow the Character Creation chapter carefully, you can truly make a character that is your own. 

This little guide here will help to explain the pages that follow.

What You Need To Get Started

You will of course need a few things. The very first thing you already have, this wiki. You should also have a full set of polygon dice, a pencil with a good eraser, a calculator, and some scratch paper. And finally you will need a character sheet. You can download the character sheet and the very helpful spreadsheet from the Downloadable Materials page.

Once you have everything you need to get started, then it is time to begin.



The Steps

Here are the steps that you should take to create your character.

Step 1

Choose your character's Runic Element. Runic Elements are like birth signs, but they do so much more. Your character's element gives you certain stat bonuses, tells you what kind of magic your character can use, and even determines certain attributes for some races such as drakokin. It really should be the first decision you make as it can have a big impact on your character.

Step 2

Choose a race. This is highly up to you, but you should make sure you choose the race that best fits what kind of character you want to play. If you want to play a thief for example, you might not want to be a yeti, though you could if you really wanted to. While on your chosen race's page, make sure you record all the important stuff such as race maximums, bonuses, skills, and abilities. Recording that stuff now will save you time as you create your character.

Step 3

For step 3 you should just go ahead and list neutral as your character's alignment, unless otherwise instructed by your GM. You can of course read about alignments if you like.

Step 4

Step 4 is where you will finally make your character's stats. Be sure to fully read and understand the steps to do so!

Step 5

And finally, it is time to determine your character's starting currency

What To Do Afterwards

After completing step 5 your character is basically complete. All your character lacks now are skills and equipment. You can do those at any order. When picking skills, don't forget to check out talents first as you can only choose talents during character creation.

See, that wasn't so bad was it?


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