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“So I hear that you are planning on going on some kind of adventure,” a time worn man spoke roughly as he pulled himself up to the bar next to a younger man that looked very much like him without all of the graying and wrinkles. The young man, his eyes fiercely defiant, turns to the older man and proclaims, “That's right, pop. And nothing you can say or do is gonna stop me!” He turns and stares directly ahead, “I… I gotta do it. I gotta see what's out there. I gotta make a name for myself.”

The older man nods, “Alright I understand son. You aren't a boy anymore. Guess I have no reason or authority to tell you no.” He roughly grabs the younger man by the right shoulder, “But you listen to me and you listen well. It's a large world out there, filled with all kinds of dangers that you don't see at home. And it is just littered with ancient ruins and dark dungeons. But if you ain't careful, if you ain't prepared, you just might not live to see half of 'em. So you better just listen to what I have to say.”

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